Hands down the largest Minneapolis condo building

The Largest Minneapolis Condo Building

Minneapolis has a fair amount of large towers that dot the skyline.  There are a handful of large Minneapolis condo buildings.  Some of the iconic few that come to mind are Carlyle, Loring Green, Bridgewater and the 710-730 Lofts.  All of these buildings cover different neighborhoods downtown from the historic Mill District, Loring Park to the North Loop.  Then there’s Riverwest Condos in the Mill District which dwarf the rest.

How Big is Riverwest?

  Good question: Riverwest from a massing perspective is not so much vertical as it is horizontal in nature.  There’s 415 units in the building with 600+ parking stalls inside the first few floors with one floor of below grade parking.  Of all the Minneapolis condo buildings, Riverwest has more guest parking than any other building which can be handy for residents.  Bottom line Riverwest is big.  To put some stats into perspective the next largest building in the market has 367 units and is on the other side of the city (Grant Park Condos).

Why Riverwest?

  Residents enjoy Riverwest living for a number of reasons.  With such a large amount of units in the building the homeowners association dues are quite low given the economies of scale.  Homeowners association dues or HOAs are they are sometimes called can make or break buying a Minneapolis condo–some buildings have HOAs that resemble a mortgage payment while other buildings have HOAs that are very reasonable, Riverwest being one of them.  Being in the Mill District gives Riverwest condos the distict location.






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